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Grooming A Horse


Grooming is a activity that is enjoyable for both you and the horse. It also a good opportunity to check for injuries and inrritations. Try to make grooming a daily habit. It is an absolute must before riding. Grit beneath the saddle will be uncomfortable for the horse and cause sores. Start from the left or right side of the horse. It doesn't matter which side you start on as long as you cover the whole horse.

You will need:

* A curry comb or grooming mitt.

* A body brush with fairly stiff bristles.

* A mane and tail comb. Plastic causes less breakage than metal

* A fine soft bristled finishing brush.

* A hoof pick.

* A clean sponge or soft cloth.

It be nice to have:

* Grooming spray.

* Hoof ointment if recommended by your farrier.

* Scissors or clippers.

Don't sit the bucket or box too close to your horse where he could knock it over, or where you might trip over it as you move around the horse. Also have the horse securely and saftely tied either with cross ties or with a quick release knot.