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Horse care and Equipment:

Grooming Kit

Grooming is an important part of looking after a horse and this section details the most common items that make up the grooming kit and how to groom.


Groom with the horse safely tied: These instructions apply whether you use an English or Western saddle.

(1.)Start with the horse safely tied.

(2.)Then brush the horse's back and girth area careful to remove any dirt that may cause chaffing under the saddle or girth. Brush so all the hair lies flat. It is traditional to saddle from the near side (left side) but you should be able to saddle from the right (off side) if necessary. Check to see if any sores or wounds that may cause discomfort under the saddle area. Don't place a saddle over a wound

If you like to know how to put a Saddle and a Bridle on just click on saddles.

How to care for your Horse after riding.